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Unformatted text preview: 11-5Explain whether the turbine room of a BWR is habitable during normal oper-ation.Solution:In any water-moderated reactor, the radionuclide 16N is produced via the160(n,p)16N reaction. This radioisotope has a half-life of 7.13 s and emitsvery energetic photons with energies of 6.1 and 7.1 MeV (see Appendix D).Since the 16N is carried along with the primary water, any piping carryingthe primary water/steam leaving the reactor vessel must be heavily shielded orplaced in chambers not accessible by plant personnel during operation to avoidexcessive radiation doses being received by workers.In a BWR the primary water includes the steam leaving the reactor and passingthrough the turbines. To avoid costly shielding of the piping and turbines, theseplants simply close the turbine room to workers when the reactor is operating.If the demand on the generator increases (i.e., a greater load is placed on theturbine), explain what happens to the reactor power of (a) a PWR and (b) aBWR if no operator-caused reactivity changes are made. Which reactor followsBWR if no operator-caused reactivity changes are made....
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