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HW23-12 - calculated value above 13 Discuss possible...

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11-8 Nuclear Power Chap. 11 12. Over a period of one year what mass (in kg) of fissionproducts is generated by a 1000 MWe power reactor? Solution: Assumethe power plant has an electrical conversion efficiency 1]~ 33% .Then the thermal energy generatedin ~t = 365.35 d is Eth = (Pe/1])6.t = 1.107x 106 MWd. From page 148, we find 1 MWd of energy is releasedfrom the thermal fission of 1.05 g of 235U. The mass of fission products created almost equals the mass of 235U fissioned (the very small difference being the mass-equivalent of the fission energy re- leased). Thus, the mass of fission products created in one year of continuous operation is M(235U) = Eth (MWd) X 1.05 (gjMWd) = 1160 kg. Note: Table 11.4 indicates a typical 1000 MWe plant generates about 873 kg of fission products. However, a nuclear power plants typically has a capacity factor of about 75%. Thus, for continuous operation, the annual fission product generation would be about 873/0.75 = 1160 kg, a value in agreement with our
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Unformatted text preview: calculated value above. 13. Discuss possible environmental, technical and political problems associated with each of the disposal options listed in Table 11.6. Solution: This is best left as a classroom discussion topic. 14. A nuclear drive in a submarine delivers 25,000 shaft horse power at a cruising speed of 20 knots (1 knot = 1.15 miles/h). If the power plant has an efficiency of 25%, how much (in kg) of the 235U fuel is consumed on a 40,000 mile trip around the world? Solution: The voyage would take ~t = 40000 (mi)/(20 x 1.15 (mi/h)) = 1,739 h = 72.46 d. The thermal energy required for the voyage is Pshaft (HP) 11 x 745.7 (WjHP) x ~t Eth = From page 149 we find that for 1 MWd of fission energy, 1.24 g of 235U must be consumed. Thus the mass of 235U consumed on the voyage is M(235U) = Eth X 1.24 = 6.70 kg. July 24, 2002...
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