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2A Diag Exam Waiver_files

2A Diag Exam Waiver_files - UC DAVIS COLLEGE OF LETTERS AND...

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Unformatted text preview: UC DAVIS: COLLEGE OF LETTERS AND SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Qualifying Examinations for Chemistry 2A Students who wish to enroll in Chemistry 2A must pass both the Chemistry Diagnostic Test and the Precalculus Qualifying Examination with satisfactory scores. This applies to ALL students, including those who have Advanced Placement (AP) credit or transfer units for any courses in chemistry or mathematics. Both exams are administered during Summer Advising, and during orientation week and/or the first week of instruction of any quarter that Chemistry 2A is offered. Students are allowed to take each exam twice in any given quarter, with Summer Advising counting towards the Fall quarter. Students who have not passed satisfactorily both exams will be administratively dropped from Chemistry 2A if they are enrolled. The required minimum scores on these tests for enrollment in Chemistry 2A are: Chemistry Test Precalculus Exam 21 25 The score for the Precalculus Exam corresponds to allowed enrollment in Mathematics 12. Chemistry 2A does not have any mathematics prerequisite other than the required score on the Precalculus Exam. If your score on the Chemistry Test is less than 21, and you wish to take Chemistry 2A, there are several ways that you can increase your knowledge in order to score higher and pass the test. The recommended approach involves review and self-study, focusing on those areas that were identified on your test results sheet as presenting the most difficulty to you. A review and study of notes, exams and other materials from your high school chemistry course should suffice. You can also examine the appropriate chapters of the text currently used for Chemistry 2A. A more elementary text and other materials are available on one-day reserve at Shields Library for self-directed study. Video tapes of lectures that complement this text are also available at Shields Library and the Media Distribution Classroom (Room 1101, Hart Hall). You also may improve your chemistry knowledge by enrolling in Sacramento City College Chemistry 110 (previously Chemistry 41), which is listed in the Class Schedule & Room Directory as WLD 110C (previously WLD 41C). This course, which is given at UCD during the Fall Quarter, carries no UCD graduation credit but it does carry 3 units of workload credit. You must still pass the Chemistry Test after taking this course. If you passed only the Chemistry Test or the Precalculus Exam, but not both, after taking the exam(s) two times during the quarter and feel that there are strong extenuating circumstances why you should be allowed to take Chemistry 2A, you may petition to have the requirement of a passing score on one of these tests waived. The attached form should be completed and returned to the Chemistry Academic Office in Room 108 Chemistry. You will be notified of the result of your petition by electronic mail or phone as soon as possible, normally within one week. DST 4/03 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA — (Letterhead for interdepartmental use) Petition to Enroll in Chemistry 2A Name: __________________________________ Student ID: _____________________________ E-mail: _________________________________ Phone: ________________________________ Year (circle): FR SO JR SR GR Currently enrolled in Chem 2A (Yes/No): ______ Instructor: ______________________________ Diagnostic Scores (two highest scores for each exam): 1. Chem Test ______________ Precalculus Exam _______________ 2. Chem Test ______________ Precalculus Exam _______________ College Courses (if any) in Physical Science and Math, Grades, Calendar Year Taken: Circumstances to Justify Exception: Complete fully and return to Room 108 Chemistry. DST 4/03 ...
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