Vert phys lecture 1- jan 19th

Vert phys lecture 1- jan 19th - Vertebrate Physiology...

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Vertebrate Physiology - lecture 1 January 19, 2010 A) introduction to the Nervous System 1. Central Nervous System composed of the brain and the spinal cord neurons- 10^11 glia Glial cells outnumber neurons 10 to 1 axons connective tissue blood vessels and some cells derived from the immune system 2. Peripheral Nervous System bundles of axons axons group into cables called nerves ganglia collections of neuron somata in CNS cluster of nerve cell bodies 3. Nerves spinal nerves and cranial nerves nerves and ganglia contain glial cells B) Structure of a simple neuron 1. process the neuron sends an axon out and 2. components axon dendrite cell body (soma) contains nucleus, neuclolus, mitochondria, ribosomes, golgi apparatus from the soma come off numerous processes these are cytoplasmic extensions the processes are wrapped by memory two types dendrites- receiving- has a lot of ribsomes happens when nerve cells come into contact with other nerve cells the action potentials are usually initated by synaptic input at one end of the neuron and conducted to the other end at the axon terminal axon hillock- sending process long process site where action potential starts extends down to axon terminal where that neuron makes a synapse with other cells synapses are believed to be the site where change occurs terminals come in very close contact with the target cells
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target cells muscle cells- muscle fibers glands neurons nerve terminals synapse the receiving end can make proteins well
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Vert phys lecture 1- jan 19th - Vertebrate Physiology...

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