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N264 Nursing Research N264 Nursing Research Spring 2010 Searching Nursing Literature Databases Name: Neelam Patel Explanation and Directions This exercise will acquaint you with research and resources available online. Read it and fill in carefully and legibly the information requested. You will learn about (1) online literature databases to which the UT Library subscribes, (2) MEDLINE and CINAHL and (3) evidence based databases such as the Cochrane. You will also do a practice literature database search. Getting Started Find a computer with access to the Internet. 1. Open a Web browser (Firefox, Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc). 2. Start from the Nursing Home Page (http://www.utexas.edu/nursing ). (1) Under “Research” (on the left in the black area), click on “Nursing Online Resources and Research”. (2) Look over this page and bookmark it if you are on your own computer. You will use it in future nursing courses and it will be a gateway to nursing research information. N264 Web Page Click on “Courses”, on the light purple bar. Next, click on Nsg Res 264/392E/397. Located here are some web pages with information that will help you with your research course. Literature Databases Read the first couple of paragraphs about literature databases. What are literature databases? collections of individual records composed of author, title, abstract, source, date, subject heading What are the premier literature databases in health? MEDLINE and CINAHL Click on “Other Health Literature Databases”. Here are listed links to health related databases where you can search for research articles. Look over the many nursing/health related databases. Name two, other than CINAHL or MEDLINE ERIC and Medscape Nursing //home/vdimitrov/17792/2e3cd971d291de7f4b7f885e9da27ddedd1b8174.doc LastSaved: 1/15/10 1
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N264 Nursing Research Click on Mental Health (in gray area) and name one database: PsychINFO Look at the other categories of databases if you wish. UT Library Online In addition to these databases UT Library Online has hundreds of databases in all subject fields. (1) Click on “UT Library Online” (in light gray area at the bottom left) (2) Under “Research Tools” click “Find Articles Using Databases”. (3) Click on “Subjects”, located on the left . Choose a subject and name your subject and one database in that subject area: Subject Area: Medicine Database CANCERLIT Close this page and you should be at http://www.utexas.edu/nursing/norr/ Click on “Courses” and then on “Nsg Res 264/392e/397”. Searching PubMed/MEDLINE Click on MEDLINE/PubMED (in the gray area on the left under Nsg Res) PubMed is a National Library of Medicine web based retrieval system that gives you access to MEDLINE and other databases. In this exercise you will learn about MEDLINE.
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N264.SearchingDatabases - N264 Nursing Research Nursing...

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