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Policy Statement Vallejo Baylink operates a public transportation service. In accordance with Section 640 of the Penal Code of the State of California, the following infractions are punishable under said section: 1. evasion of the payment of any fare of the system 2. misuse of any transfer, pass, ticket, or token with the intent to evade the payment of any fare 3. playing sound equipment 4. smoking, eating, or drinking in areas where these activities are prohibited 5. expectorating 6. willfully disturbing others by engaging in boisterous or unruly
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Unformatted text preview: behavior 7. carrying any explosive or acid, flammable liquid, or toxic or hazardous material 8. urinating or defecating except in a lavatory, medical conditions exempted 9. willfully blocking the free movement of others Captains and crews shall exercise due care and good judgment in enforcement of Section 640 as summarized above onboard Baylink ferries. Assistance of law enforcement personnel shall be requested as situations dictate....
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