Homework2 - x in[20 30" to mean that the attribute value for x is between(and including 20 and 30 The ranges can be easily written in the

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Machine Intelligence Winter 2010 Homework #2 Due: Friday January 29 2010 (5:00pm) 1. Consider again the concept learning example shown in Table 2.1 of the textbook that includes 6 attributes: Sky , Temp , Humidity , Wind , Water , and Forecast . In this problem, we consider Temp as a range of temperatures rather than descriptive values. Consider the following training examples D : Sky Temp Humidity Wind Water Forecast EnjoySport Sunny [60, 70] Normal Strong Warm Same Yes Sunny [65, 75] High Strong Warm Same Yes Rainy [-infinity, 50] High Strong Warm Change No Sunny [60, 65] High Strong Cool Change Yes To accommodate the temperature ranges, we will allow range constraints such "
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Unformatted text preview: x in [20, 30]" to mean that the attribute value for x is between (and including) 20 and 30. The ranges can be easily written in the vector form. Constraints for other attributes are unchanged. a. Describe how to generalize a range constraint [60, 70] for a given range [65, 75] in a positive example. b. Execute the Find-S algorithm with the above modification on the training examples given. c. Execute the Candidate-Elimination algorithm on the training examples given above. d. What are potential problems of this approach? 2. Exercise 3.1 3. Exercise 3.2 4. Exercise 3.4(a)(b)(c)...
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