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1 Lecture 2 Structure and Function of Membrane Lipids (reading assignment: 617-629) Membrane lipids properties and packing of lipids major types of lipids in animal cells functions of lipids Composition of biological membranes leaflet cell or organelle membrane For most membranes: 50% protein content For myelin membrane: 25% protein content For mitochondrial inner membrane: 75% protein content A biological membrane is a lipid bilayer composed of two leaflets of lipids A membrane has two major components: proteins and lipids Definition of a hydrophilic molecules What are the basic properties of a lipid molecule? Definition of a hydrophobic molecules Definition of an amphipathic molecules
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2 Hydrophilic (water-loving) molecules electrostatic interaction between acetone and surrounding water molecule A molecule is hydrophilic if it is charged or polar (partial charged) Na+ is charged Na+ What would happen if you mix acetone with water? energetically favorable soluble in water hydrophilic likes hydrophilic Acetone or water is partial charged + _ + Na+, acetone and water are hydrophilic Hydrophobic (water-fearing) molecules no electrostatic interaction between 2-methyl propane and surrounding water molecule A molecule is hydrophobic if it is nonpolar (no charge or partial charge) 2-methyl propoane has no charge or partial charge What would happen if you mix 2-methylpropane with water? energetically unfavorable
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Lecture_2_Jan_6_four_slides_per_page_ - Lecture 2 Membrane...

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