Lab 8 - Pulmonary Function

Lab 8 - Pulmonary Function - LAB 8 Pulmonary Function...

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LAB #8 : Pulmonary Function. PROCEDURES: 1) Carry out the procedures for pulmonary function testing described on pages 17-8 to 17-11. 2) Ensure that when you leave the lab you have either the original spirogram or a photocopy of it. 3) From your spirogram calculate values for each of the following parameters: Minute Ventilation, Tidal Volume, Breathing Frequency, Expiratory Reserve Volume, Inspiratory Capacity, Vital Capacity, Forced Vital Capacity, Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 sec., FEV 1.0/FVC ratio, Maximum Breathing Capacity. 4) Calculate predicted values for each of VC & FVC (same prediction equation), FEV 1.0 & MBC (equations on pages 17-6 & 17-7), then calculate your actual values as a percentage of predicted values.
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Unformatted text preview: LAB 8: Pulmonary Function Submitted by: Std#: Pulmonary Function Data Form Subject: Height(ins.): Measurer: Test Date: Sex (M/F): Age: (yrs) Lung Volumes Actual Predicted % of Predicted Slow Vital Capacity (l) Forced Vital Capacity (l) Forced Expiratory Volume (1.0 sec) FEV 1.0 /FVC % 75-85% Maximum Breathing Capacity (l/min) Minute Ventilation (l/min) 6-8 L/min. Breathing Frequency (#/min) 12-16/min. Tidal Volume (l) 500 ml Expiratory Reserve Volume (l) XX XX Inspiratory Capacity (l) XX XX Show all calculations on a separate sheet and submit it along with this page and the copy of your subject’s spirogram. Note that all lung volumes shown on this sheet should be expressed at BTPS....
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Lab 8 - Pulmonary Function - LAB 8 Pulmonary Function...

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