Evaluation of Physical Fitness

Evaluation of Physical Fitness - EVALUATION OF PHYSICAL...

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EVALUATION OF PHYSICAL FITNESS A. Components of Health Related Physical Fitness 1. Cardio-respiratory endurance - aerobic power 2. Strength 3. Muscular Endurance 4. Flexibility 5. Body Composition B. Objectives of Physical Fitness Testing 1. To assess the status of individuals entering a program. 2. To aid in prescribing or limiting activity of certain individuals. 3. To evaluate an individual's progress. 4. To increase individual motivation for entering and adhering to an exercise program. 5. To evaluate the success of a program in achieving its objectives. C. Medical Clearance and Human Rights The subject's human rights are respected - Informed Consent Form. The subject is given a thorough explanation of the purpose of the test, possible risks, benefits, etc.
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D. Characteristics of a Good Physical FitnessTest Measurement error makes the observed value of a measure differ from the true value. 1. Validity - a valid test is one that measures effectively what it is supposed to measure. Compare the test results to a criterion measure or reference standard - there should be a high relationship 2. Reliability - are the results consistent and reproducible? A highly reliable test yields the same or approximately the same scores when administered
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Evaluation of Physical Fitness - EVALUATION OF PHYSICAL...

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