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Lab Review Questions II - 1 KINESIOLOGY 142 LABORATORY...

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1 KINESIOLOGY 142 LABORATORY REVIEW QUESTIONS - PART 2 Laboratory #7 – Cardio-Respiratory Anatomy 1. Be able to identify the anatomical structures listed on pages 16-1 and 16-2 in the Kinesiology 142 Laboratory Manual. 2. Define “atria” and “ventricles”. Which vessels enter or exit the atria and ventricles? 3. Describe the flow of a red blood cell from the right atrium to the aortic arch, identifying the major structures along the way, and the function associated with each structure. 4. Discuss the importance of the elasticity and contractility of the arteries. 5. Trace a drop of blood through major arteries and veins from the aortic arch through its systemic circulatory route to your right ankle and back to your heart again. 6. Explain how blood returns to the right atrium. Why should one "cool down" after vigorous exercise rather than stop abruptly? 7. Describe the location of the heart in the thoracic cavity. 8. Why is the wall of the left ventricle thicker than the wall of the right ventricle? 9. Why are the heart valves important? Can the heart function with leaky valves? 10. Why are artery walls so much thicker than those of corresponding veins? Laboratory #8 - Pulmonary Function Testing 1. The chart recording on the following page was obtained using a Collins 9 liter respirometer. From the chart recording calculate the subject's: a) minute ventilation b) breathing frequency c) tidal volume d) expiratory reserve volume e) inspiratory capacity f) vital capacity g) FEV 1.0 h) FEV 1.0 /FVC ratio i) maximal breathing capacity
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2 Show all of your calculations and underline the final calculated value for each measurement. You should be able to describe the procedures for measuring each of the lung volumes and capacities listed above. 2.
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Lab Review Questions II - 1 KINESIOLOGY 142 LABORATORY...

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