physics midterm answer key 2 - First letter of last name...

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First letter of last name THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA Physics 153 section 001 Midterml" Examination October f5, 2008 Time: 50 min. Candidate's Name: Last Name First Name a:^-^+,.*^ TJIH,IId.U LI.I IJ Student n.,rnber, 3 o(n!)? This examination consists of 3 questions. One page of formulae and constants is provided. Show all relelant work and explain your reasoning. Unjustified ans\ryers wili not receive any marks. (a) Each candidate should be prepared to produce his/her library/AMS card. (b) No candidate shall be permitted to enter the examination room after the expiration of one-half hour, or to leave during the first half-hour of the examination. Caution: Candidates guilty of any of the following, or similar dishon- est practices shall be immediately dismissed from the examination and shall be liable to disciplinary action. (a) making use of any books, memoranda, calculators, audio or visual cassette players or othere memory aid devices, other than those authorised by the examiners, (b) speaking or communicating with othe¡ candidates. Each question is worth 10 ma¡ks. 1_ 2_ 3 10 10 10 Total 30
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Student number: ¡,?. .-\ t I ùX 1. Three metal rods of equal radii a¡d length are made of copper, alu- \-Z ¡¡i¡¡¡¡, and b¡ass respectively and placed end to end
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physics midterm answer key 2 - First letter of last name...

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