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The Tree of Life and Bacterial and Archaeal Diversity Study Guide This is an outline of some of the major concepts and topics you need to know about. This is NOT an exhaustive list but merely a guide to most of the major concepts. Most of this material was covered in Lectures 6-10. Number of origins of life and how many trees of life are there? Universal homologies o Examples o What they mean for the tree of life o Why these cannot be used to infer branching patterns o Ribosome example and Nobel Prize in Chemistry rRNA and the tree of life o How a universal gene can be used to infer phylogeny o Three domain tree of life o Rooted tree of life o Differences and similarities between each of the major domains o Features unique to and widespread in each group Be able to give examples of these Inferring the ancestry of major features Three key things noted in class about these patterns o Bacteria and archaea vs eukaryotes Describe some of the major distinctions
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Bis2C-Fall09-StudyGuide.TreeofLife-Bac-Arc - The Tree of...

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