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CHAPTER NO.I (BIOLOGY AND ITS MAJOR FIELDS OF SPECILIZATION) ITEM NO.1: TRUE/FLASE. 1. The study of fossils and their relation ship to the evolution of life on earth is called as Geology. 2. The study of structure and functions of molecular components of cells like proteins, nuclice acids etc. is called as molecular Biology. 3. A community along with itsnon living environment is called as Eco system. 4. In Animals co-ordination is only achieved by Nervous system and not by endocrine system. 5. Predation, Parasitism, Mutualism and commensalisms are the various shapes of organisms interaction. 6. Animals other than insects comprise 19.9% of the total species. 7. Bacteria are never used as Bio-Pesticides. 8. Robert Koch, developed Pasteurization technique. 9. Hepatitis usually spread through contaminated syringes and contaminated surgical instruments. 10. Algae can reduce the pollution of heavy metals by Bio-absorption. 11. A clone is defined as a cell or individual and all its sexually produced offsprings. 12. There are relatively very few laws in Biology. 13. The Inductive reasoning always moves from general to the specisfic. 14. Roots in plants serve to anchor it to the soil and help in food storage and absorption of water and minerals. 15. The Prokaryotes possess all the cellular organelles in their cytoplasm as do the eukaryotes. 16. In living organisms many systems never work in mutual co-ordination. 17. The individuals of the same species are much similar and potertially interbreeding organisms in nature. 18. The micromolecules constituting the bulk of living organisms posses very low molecular weight. 19. Population is a lower level of Biological organization than an organism as a whole. 20. The vaccination technique was developed by Edward Collins. ITEM NO.2: MULTIPLE CHOICE. 1 . The term Biology is of: A. Greek origin B. Latin orgin C. English orgin D. German orgin. 2 . The branch of Biology dealing with social behavior and communal life of human beings is: A. Human Biology B. Social Biology C. Micro Biology D. Bio technology 3. All the living and non-living matter are formed of: A. Atoms and sub-atomic particles. B. A.M.P; A.T.P; A.D.P. C. Cells and cell products. D. Organs and organelle 4 . Deductive reasoning is always from: A. Specific to general B. Tentative to exact C. General to specific D. Qualitative to Quantitative 5 . The plants having foreign D.N.A. in their cells are: A. Transgenic plants B. Induced plants. C. Specific plants D. Hydrophytic plants 6 . AIDS is caused by: A. H – virus B. T.M.V. C. H.I.V. D. D - virus 7. Cloning is a technology for achieving: A. Biology aims B. Scientific aims C. Integrated aims D. Eugenic aims 8. Which of following is a viral disease: A. Cow pox B. Tetanus C. Meningitis D. Typhoid 9 . The Integrated disease management involves: A. Combating of disease B. Loss of microbes C. Extinction of species D. Division of zygote ITEM NO.3 : FILL IN THE BLANKS. 1.
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