Sex change

In the us ddt was banned in 1972 allowing recovery of

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Unformatted text preview: ry of the birds. Brown Pelican Peregrine Falcon DDT is first converted to DDE by the liver or by soil microbes. DDE is the actual endocrine disruptor that thins shells. DDT Degradation in the Environment DDE Concentrations and Eggshell Thickness Brown Pelicans, 1969-1986 Herring Gulls, 1967 Example – DDT in Western Sea Gulls In the 1970s, gulls of the Channel Islands were impacted by a nearby DDT production plant (Montrose). The behavioral action – female-female pairing – resulted in the doubling of eggs per nest (6 instead of 3). Cause was thought due to a change in male gull behavior (m...
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