17 lecture - Sept 17th notes Southern Democrats played big...

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Sept. 17 th notes Southern Democrats played big role in getting Wallace off of the Presidential ticket. Truman, product of Kansas City political machine. a. WWII, he chaired Senate committee re: war profiteering b. Most Southern Democrats enamored of Pres. Roosevelt. c. Pol. C lass didn’t need government assistance d. Increasingly at odds w/ Roosevelt e. Most agencies were relief programs f. Those in need, enamored, those not at odds w/ FDR. Viewed him as changing role of government and economy, permanently. g. Bureaucracies permanent, deficits, permanent. 1937 – Roosevelt tried to Pack the Supreme Court. Conservatives on court striking down policies. Wanted to enlarge the Supreme Court so he could get liberals on board to pass and validate his programs. Not ok for the Presidential Branch to change Judicial Branch to suit that branch of government. Congress said: ‘no’ to additional justices This was breaking point for Southern Democrats Some Democrats viewed National Party as too liberal 1930’s-1980’s. The way that Southern Dems continue to get re-elected to Congress – much farther to the right than Northern Dems. 1950’s – Voting for Eisenhower a. 19 th century Democrat – Limited government Two TX politicians – famous a. Sam Rayburn – Majority Leader House – farm programs – viewed
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17 lecture - Sept 17th notes Southern Democrats played big...

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