22 lecture - Sept. 22nd notes Key events of Civil Rights...

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Sept. 22 nd notes Key events of Civil Rights period a. Presidential elections of 1960 and 1964 Mansfield, TX Southern governors and legislatures got wrong idea and thought didn’t have to comply w/ S.C. decision in Brown case. Southern moderates drowned out. Climate, one in which people looking for compromised solution. Most white southerners realized desegregation inevitable. VA – closed public schools, Prince Edward County. Social and political revolution. Separation of races in South taken for granted. Media coverage made us look like bunch of red necks foaming at the mouth to kill blacks. 1957 – Little Rock, AR – effort to add 10 black children to H.S. Governor brought out National guard to keep peace, by keeping black students from enrolling. Eisenhower – federalized the National Guard to get black students enrolled. Lost lots of Republican support due to Republican President enforcing. Eisenhower – A replay of Reconstruction to force southerners to comply with dictates of federal government. 1957 – first time civil rights act passed since reconstruction. Repeal of Poll tax. Republican bill – liberal republican A.G. wrote the bill. Bill had to be changed because burden had to be put on voter to prove able to register. LBJ, helped get it thru the Senate.
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22 lecture - Sept. 22nd notes Key events of Civil Rights...

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