15 lecture - Oct. 15th Lecture I. Republican candidates...

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Oct. 15 th Lecture I. Republican candidates don’t want to trumpet support of Religious Right, risk alienation of moderates. Therefore, they say as little as possible in the public arena. 1. If they get elected based on support of Religious Right and then screw up, they look like hypocrite. 2. Republicans trying to get to the right of conservative Democrats, which makes them look irresponsible with what they’re proposing. 3. Justice on Alabama Supreme Court insisted on posting Ten Commandment at the courthouse. i. He was ordered to remove them but refused. ii. Later tried to run for Governor, but political career over due to previous actions. B. Most southerners don’t see their Democratic candidate as liberal 1. Democrats are right of center if they don’t represent a majority of minorities or not representing urban/suburban areas. 2. No majority black district in Texas, but do have majority Hispanic districts. 3. Minority districts (Democratic areas) usually surrounded by Republican districts. 4. Districts get drawn beginning in ‘90s. a. How district boundaries drawn – huge deal. b. Legislatures in the South all controlled by Democrats, who draw boundary lines. c. Minority opportunity districts d. Every re-districting plan involves partisan gerrymandering e. There has yet to be a single decision upheld to Supreme Court where states were forced to re-draw district lines because the way they were drawn favored one party too much. f.
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15 lecture - Oct. 15th Lecture I. Republican candidates...

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