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Chapter 9: The Peripheral South Breakthrough I. James Sasser – Tennessee democrat that got beaten by a GOP A. Tennessee voters refused to send the presumptive leader of the Senate Democrats back to Washington and instead elected a GOP with no office holding experience at all B. It was the worst defeat an incumbent democratic senator had ever suffered in the modern south C. Frist beats Sasser II. The GOP ascent began in 1992 with the defeats of 2 experienced democratic incumbents A. GOP Faircloth upset Sanford i. Election, talking a lot about the each other’s health B. GOP Coverdell unseated Fowler III. Rise of GOP senators in south has always been an uphill battle IV.Election of Texas GOP Tower broke the democrats’ monopoly of southern senate seats V. Among all voters core GOP outnumber core democrats in every state except LA
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Unformatted text preview: and AR VI.First female GOP to be elected to the senate from a southern state = Hutchison VII. Ollie North divided GOP – very controversial VIII. The GOP gains again moved ahead in the peripheral south in 1996 when AR rep. Hutchinson defeated democratic attorney general Bryant for a seat previously held by veteran democrat Pryor A. Hutchinson = Baptist minister and co-owner of Christian radio station i. Leader of state’s religious right political movement ii. Excelled in one-on-one politics IX.Warner’s narrow victory indicated that even apparently secure GOP incumbents needed to run aggressive campaigns against determined and financially potent democratic opponents...
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