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Chapter 12: Competitive South, Competitive America I. Great Depression destroyed Republican strongholds in North, reinforced Democrats advantage in South. A. From 1933-1995 Democrats enjoyed automatic control of both congressional houses. B. Democrats’ surpluses of senators and representatives from South, key to Democrats’ domination of Congress. i. As long as carrying surplus in South, only needed 1/3 of seats in rest of nation C. To maintain control of Congress. i. Republicans as the party of the Great Depression, helped maintain Solid Democratic South guaranteeing Democratic Congress. II. 1994 elections with Republicans’ victories. III. House elections 1980-2000 – signify underlying racial structure of Republicans’ southern congressional surge. A. Steady deficit of 9:1 among blacks meant Republicans needed to get 3/5’s of white vote to win majority of southern vote. i. 1980-1992- Republicans failed to reach their white target. ii. 1994 – Republicans get 64% of southern white vote, 11% increase over previous election. iii. Over time the structure of Republicans’ congressional vote has closely paralleled their presidential success at end of Reagan’s 2 nd term. iv. By 1996, white Republicans and conservative independents voting Republican in House elections by same overwhelming proportions they had given bush in 1988. v. Only conservative Democrats, no tight fit between their 1988 presidential vote and their 1996 congressional vote. IV.Distinctive social foundations dividing the two major parties. A. Race clearly trumped economic class in separation of core Republicans from core Democrats. i. Religious right whites anchor Republican party. ii. Black southerners anchor Democratic party. iii. Core Republicans increased and core Democrats declined across spectrum of blacks, Hispanics, secular white women, secular white men, religious right whites. iv. White voters: religion and gender trump economic class. a. Every income level, religious right whites mainly Republican, distinctive. v. Secular white women more Democratic than other white groups a. But less so than blacks or low and medium-income Hispanics. V. 1996 – Republicans exceed 60% white target among: high-income religious right men and women, high-income secular men, medium-income religious right men/women. A. Democrats regional white target is 40% due to strong black support. i. In 1996, only secular white women of low income exceeded that target. VI.After WW II social structure, economy, and most important, racial practices of Old South transformed, due to sustained federal intervention. A. LBJ – assembled northern majorities of Democrats and Republicans to defeat southern filibuster in Senate. B. 1964 Civil Rights Act – outlawed racial segregation in public sector
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bb12 - Chapter 12: Competitive South, Competitive America...

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