Chapter 7 - Lines in the Sand Chapter 7 You Gotta Be...

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Unformatted text preview: Lines in the Sand Chapter 7 You Gotta Be Kidding The 2003 Regular Session McNeely (Austin American-Statesman) noted that even after winning all of the state wide races and a majority in the house and senate, Republicans were still not a majority of the Texas Congressional Delegation 14 January 2003, Congress met for the first time in 130 years with Republicans controlling both Houses A Terrible Idea Newspapers across Texas stated what a bad idea it would be to redistrict at a time when there was more pressing issue to deal with Perry pledged that he would not call a special session on the topic of redistricting Behind the Scenes Republicans met at Delays office in Washington to redraw and defeat Angelo Democratic Incumbents Delay met with Perry, LT Gov Dewhurst, Craddick and Attorney Gen Abbott and left Austin with the assurance of redistricting The Redistricting Committee felt that they would have no trouble getting a proper bill and hearing to the floor Gibson wanted Delay to call the Democratic Senators who were most likely to bring up redistricting (Gallegos,...
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