Chapter 9 - Many Dems and Reps face personal dilemmas over...

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Many Dems and Reps face personal dilemmas over redistricting during the summer of 03. Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst 1) Elected lieutenant governor in 02 after serving as commissioner of the state’s General Land Office. a) He had never served in the Senate before becoming its presiding officer. 2) Without his help, redistricting would have been impossible. a) However, indicated that he was concerned about going along with redistricting because the issue could divide the Senate along partisan lines and damage his efforts to work with all senators. 3) Also had ambitions for higher office. a) Knew that being perceived as killing the redistricting effort by Rep activists and major donors would definitely kill his own political ambitions. Senator Bill Ratliff 1) Member of the Senate for 13 yrs. 2) Senate colleagues selected him to serve as acting lieutenant gov during 00-02, when then lieutenant gov Perry took over as gov for Bush who was running for prez 3) Rep but never strongly partisan a) Rep for the same reason he was a Methodist: “I agree with them 51% of the time.” 4) End of 01, announced himself as a candidate for the Rep nomination for lieutenant gov a) Dropped out days later knowing he hadn’t the support i) Due in part to refusal to engage in “arm breaking” to pass an aggressively partisan congressional redistricting plan (1) “Redistricting is not an issue, it is the issue.” 5) Saw the 03 redistricting as a needless threat to the institution of the Senate and the particular redistricting plans as a threat to the interests of his constituents in northeast TX
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a) Without his support however, Reps knew the bill could die i) Counted on him to allow the Senate to consider redistricting Senator Robert Duncan 1) Has served in the Senate since 97, after serving two terms in the Texas House 2) As chairman of the important Senate Committee on Jurisprudence, to which the bill would be assigned, he was vital to passage of a redistricting plan a) Personally he saw no need for redrawing congressional districts, especially in West TX i) Nevertheless, as chairman of the Senate committee with responsibility for redistricting, he was expected to produce a redistricting map that could win approval As Reps, each of these men faced a personal dilemma. They were under significant pressure to put aside any personal concerns they might have and to accept that their concerns were outweighed by a need to repay Dems for past gerrymanders. Each man’s resolution of his personal dilemma had significant implications for redistricting in 03 and for him personally. Republican Plans Take Shape: The Critical Meeting on June 16
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Chapter 9 - Many Dems and Reps face personal dilemmas over...

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