Chapter 11 - Lines in the Sand [Bickerstaff] Chapter 11,...

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Lines in the Sand [Bickerstaff] Chapter 11, Republican Triumph in the Senate The person most responsible for the Republican success is Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst. He handled the senators who walked out with care, gently but relentlessly urging them to return to make a quorum on September 15, 2003. [Quorum- is the minimum number of members of a deliberative body necessary to conduct the business of that group] The senators left because of a dispute over redistricting and gained national attention during the campaign for the presidency leading up to 2004. The Democratic Party targeted Karl Rove and President Bush claiming they were involved in redistricting. was organized by the Democratic Party to finance an eight city “Defending Democracy Tour.” The eight cities were large cities with a high Latino population. While the Democratic senators were gone the remaining legislative body votes to fine absent senators during the special session; the senators who do not pay their fines are prohibited from their office resources and floor time. Most of the Democratic senators who walked out rejoined the Texas legislature for the third special session September 10 th , and the next day went to Laredo for the hearing before the three-judge court in Barrientos v. Texas. Chronology of the 2003-2004 redistricting: January 14, 2003 78th Texas Legislature convenes in regular session. February 11, 2003 Representative Joe Crabb, Chairman of the House Redistricting Committee, submits request (RQ-0017- GA) for an Attorney General opinion concerning congressional redistricting. March 14, 2003 HB 3398 , a Congressional redistricting bill, is filed. April 23, 2003
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Chapter 11 - Lines in the Sand [Bickerstaff] Chapter 11,...

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