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Chapter 12 - Lines in the Sand Chapter 12 Summary By Robin...

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Lines in the Sand Chapter 12 Summary By: Robin Horton Preface: Chapter 12 in Bickerstaff’s book details the final weeks before the House and Senate passed Tom DeLay’s aggressive 8-3 redistricting plan. Summary: After the redistricting bill for the districts of Texas went through the House and the Senate, there was virtually nothing the Democrats could do to determine the specifics of the final plan. The final redistricting plan was basically developed in secret by a “cabal” or a small group of like minded individuals. Disputes between Senate and House Republicans, Congressional districts in West Texas: Although there were several points of contention between House and Senate plans for the redistricting process, the most visible dispute remained the configuration of districts in West Texas. The configuration of these districts was planned in the view of Dewhurst and was a direct confrontation among several senators including Robert Duncan and Tom Craddick. Because of the sparse
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  • Fall '08
  • United States Senate, United States House of Representatives, Tom DeLay, 2003 Texas redistricting, final redistricting plan

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