Exam 1 - Six Factors of Southern Political Culture I....

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Six Factors of Southern Political Culture I. Geographic legacy A. Importance of land in politics B. Importance of geography in political views C. Different geographic regions and the number of slaves in those regions D. Places that were best suited for agriculture had more slaves i. Originally the workers were indentured servants – whites who couldn’t pay their way and would work for their passage over to America ii. Problem – not a continuous workforce E. Mountainous regions have less slaves – less support for secession i. In Texas – hill country opposed secession ii. Stronghold for Republican party II. Agriculture Economy and Inheritance of Poverty A. Economic dependence on agriculture B. Economic history of underachievement C. Slow to industrialize D. Most profitable industries involve land and slave E. Gap got worse after the civil war i. South was physically devastated ii. North was helped by civil war just like the U.S. economy was jumpstarted during WW II F. Basically, the south was poor i. More likely for southern demogauges a. Tax big out-of-state corporations and give the money to the poor b. Huey Long – share our wealth c. Redistribute the wealth G. Suspicion of investments that came from the north – really restrictive bank limits on things from the north i. Up until 1966 it was illegal for an out of state banking corporation to own a Texas bank a. Texas had a bunch of little banks that went broke in the 1980s with the savings and loan issue and realistate bubble popped b. Legislature lifted some of the restrictions in banks c. In the 1990s first time that you could get an equity loan in Texas ii. Banking system all throughout the south was overregulated – so many restrictions that it kept investors away H. Spent a lot less on education and health care than in other parts of the country i. Texas senator in the 1960s appealed for funds to get universities better education – didn’t want to have a second rate university system I. Republican party in the south is born in the suburbs J. Chart shown – less percentage of population living in urbanized areas in the south than in other places of the country K. New districts in urban and suburban areas in the 1960s i. Urban more democrat – suburban more republican ii. Shift from rural to urban – help start the two party system in the south
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iii. Help change economic development iv. Graph in black book – difference in political views = difference in minority population L. South has lowest per capita income M. Reasons the south was poor i. Dependence on agriculture – slower to industrialize ii. Restrictive banking laws – we so insistence on limiting banking and credit – forced many people to turn to private sources iii. Hostility towards foreign capital – felt that money invested in the south that came from somewhere else was going to lead to exploiting the south and the profits drained away and sent back to wherever the capital came from a.
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Exam 1 - Six Factors of Southern Political Culture I....

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