Exam 2 - minority to elect who they wanted d Drained democrats out of neighboring districts Guarantee that republicans win neighboring districts

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Lecture 10/6/09 I. In the House – why it took so long to change from democrat A. District boundaries B. Two upheavals when redrawing district boundaries i. One person, one vote decision by the supreme court – mid 1960s a. Forced all the states to redraw new congressional district lines – many places like Houston had a lot of constituents while people in West Texas didn’t have as much Really helped republicans and liberal democrats b. Legislative districts couldn’t cut across county lines c. Eckhart, Barbara Jordan d. Reshaping of political landscape in the south – no more really rural districts – mostly held by conservative democrats ii. Interpretation and extension of voting rights act in 1982 a. Drawing of minority-majority districts b. Interpreted in courts – requiring states to draw minority-majority districts c. Led to packing of minorities into districts that would allow that
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Unformatted text preview: minority to elect who they wanted d. Drained democrats out of neighboring districts Guarantee that republicans win neighboring districts Republicans big pushers in making minority-majority districts e. Barbara Jordan’s 18 th district – first minority-majority district in Texas (in Houston) and has been held by a black person ever since f. Many people think Voting Rights Act is discriminatory to the south because each time we do anything with an election (even just changing the date of election) we have to go through Washington for clearance II. In the 60s and 70s – democrat smothering – page 145 in black brothers book A. New white districts – entirely in the peripheral south – 2/3 in Texas i. Republicans have greatest amount of success because of race and class B. III. Rise of black electorate and seniority system ends IV....
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