Exam Review - Exam Review *REMEMBER these definitions: New...

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Exam Review *REMEMBER these definitions: New – Majority Urban Old – Majority Rural Bi-Racial – Where there is a black population that is greater than 15%. White New Southern Districts – Where there is a black population that is less than 15% Chapter 5 -House in the 1960s and 1970s -moderates was the biggest category -House delegation was almost completely Democrat -Republicans wrote off black vote with Goldwater when it was becoming important for the first time -Reps were heavily reliant on white conservative vote -Districts presidentially Republican but electing Democrats to the Congress -most southern Democrats took the same positions on social issues as southern Republicans -resistance to the voting rights act diminishes over time, and by then, the deep and peripheral south had also lost resistance to the act -redistricting after one person one vote decision of the 1970s -white new south <15% black population- opportunities for Republicans come from these districts (all 19 of these districts were in Peripheral south, and about 2/3 of those were in Texas – George H.W. Bush won in a white new south district) -black >15% black population -old south -new south -Jack Flint and Newt Gingrich from Georgia ** remember who these guys are—stories are long enough to distinguish them alone -Conservative Democratic incumbents in the south were impossible to dislodge (same thing goes for Phil Gramm) -George Malone from West Texas who chaired the appropriations committee -Mark Sanford -being powerful committee chairs is what kept southern Democrat incumbents in office -most Democrats in the south were conservative, only a few moderate or liberal incumbents -safe seat incumbent Democrats—what the Democratic smother is about -when conservative Democrats retired in the 60s and 70s, younger Democrats usually took their place and prevented Republicans from being elected to their seats -by late 70s, some Democrats had repositioned themselves as moderates Southern Democrats were conservatives in the 60s and 70s. Republican Barry Goldwater needed the white vote.
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60 percent to win Won the entire deep South Republican realignment was a top down system In the districts if they voted Republican for the president then locally they vote democrat Voting Rights Act (D) (R) Peripheral South 59 Gradual Diminishment Deep South 75 Gradual Diminishment White New South didn’t need white majority to win 19 Districts 2/3 rd in TX Texas and Florida are 40% of the South In the peripheral South, the Republicans win if there are less Blacks. *Graham’s Texas race
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Exam Review - Exam Review *REMEMBER these definitions: New...

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