Glaser cases - MS #4 Sizeable urban/Suburban Non-partisan...

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MS #4 Sizeable urban/Suburban Non-partisan primary and if no one won 50% or more, runoff election 2 weeks later between top two. Wayne Dowdy (D) Won – 51% P/T mayor McCombs Focused on local issues; Criticized foreign aid, s/b used locally for those in need.;Running against everything in D.C.; careful not to criticize Reagan.; Also won rural vote. Liles Williams (R) Jackson businessman VRA dominated his campaign Tied himself to national politicians and national issues. No experience in political office; Republican state convention to choose candidate Blacks = 42 % Issue: Extension of VRA-Dowdy for and Williams against Dowdy, to get out the black vote, advertised on black radio stations, spoke in black churches & message to blacks secured Dowdy’s victory. TX #1 Race not important Mostly rural Social Security and foreign trade biggest issues Jim Chapman (D) Won – 51% Conservative; distanced himself from Democratic party; stresses issues of Free Trade Agreement costing local jobs; Edd Hargett (R) 1st time candidate; selected by Phil Gramm; Former A&M football star; former NFL player; rancher; Distanced himself from Repub. party in heavily
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Glaser cases - MS #4 Sizeable urban/Suburban Non-partisan...

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