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Chapter 4: Courting White Voters I. For southern democrats, winning or losing depends on attracting a significant white majority in elections A. Three cases - pit “national” republicans against “local” democrats i. Republicans a. Use their Washington ties b. Play up their conservatism c. Charge their opponents with being liberal ii. Democrats a. De-emphasize party ties and ideology b. Highlight local issues II. Texas 1 - “Tora! Tora! Tora!” - 1985 A. “Yellow dog democrat” - a democrat who would vote for a yellow dog before voting for a republican i. Term used to illustrate attachment that has allowed democrats to control places like East Texas since Reconstruction. a. Ex. Only democrats have held the Texas 1 since 1870 Only 2 people served the district since 1928 Wright Patman, Sam Hall ii. Republicans consider the district ripe for a republican representative III. Republicans were getting majority of votes in presidential, senatorial and gubernatorial elections IV. BUT-- democrats controlled all lower level positions A. All court houses and local offices were democrat B. Demographics on Texas 1 i. Self identified Democrats outnumber Republicans ii. One of the poorest districts in the state iii. Largest black population in the state (20%) and few Hispanics iv. Mostly small towns and rural v. Has the oldest population in the state (more than 1/3 over 65) C. Republicans viewed Texas 1 as a symbolic prize i. If it could be won, any district in the south was up for grabs D. The race i. Seat opened because Sam Hall was offered a federal judgeship ii. Phil Gramm personally chooses Ed Hargett to run Republican in the district, and encouraged other republicans to stay out of the race V. Held no previous offices VI. A. Football career gave Hargett positive name recognition i. Gramm and Hargett raise $500,000 and spend $750,000 on primary a. Democrats and Jim Wright charge that republicans are trying to buy the election ii. Hargett does not win the necessary majority to avoid a runoff election (42%) iii. Closest runner up is democrat Jim Chapman (30%) a. Part of old political family
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b. As a DA, claimed a 99% conviction rate in over 2,000 felony cases c. Both men play down their party affiliations Chapman calls himself a “conservative democrat” d. Hargett tries to tie Chapman to the national democratic party, but it doesn’t stick iv. Hargett tries to out-conservative Chapman v. Chapman plays up Hargett’s inexperience and that he was hand picked by Gramm vi. Most important issues of the campaign were Social Security and Foreign Trade a. Chapman campaigns aggressively against SS cost of living adjustment freeze Argued that republicans posed a threat to senior citizens Gets endorsed by Rep. Claude Pepper
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glaser4 - Chapter 4 Courting White Voters I For southern...

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