gov notes - Texas and New Southern Politics Sept. 15th...

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Texas and New Southern Politics – Sept. 15 th lecture 1. Can’t view present as being disembodied from the past in regards to current politics in the south. 2. Experience of Reconstruction – states’ rights stronger than ever a. 1875 rewrite of the TX state constitution b. Every Southern state rewrote their constitutions from the Reconstruction Era constitutions. c. Post-Reconstruction, Governor’s given very little authority in the state constitutions. d. Edmund Davis (gov. of TX prior to Civil War) didn’t only oppose secession, but joined Union to fight on the other side e. Return of Conservative Government after Reconstruction f. TX one of the last states to be readmitted to the Union. 3. Dispute of the Presidential election between Tillden and Hayes. a. Removal of federal troops from South b. Civil War made south poor due to the war being mainly fought in south and devastation to the area, destruction of agricultural economy. c. Examples of globalization in 19 th century. d. Economic downturn hurt TX due to cotton, physical devastation, 100M lost in slave capital e. Slave owners taxed on slave property –snow taxing their land to make up for the loss of slave tax - so added to economic burden f. Lack of credit, lack of capital – led to really high interest rates 4. Economic situation worse in states that were physically devastated. R.R.’s destroyed. a. Gen. Sherman destroyed a lot of the South – decided for war to be won, not enough to defeat armies, but demoralize entire population. b. After taking Atlanta, marched to sea and destroyed homes, farms, livestock. c. When reached Savannah, headed North and sacked South Carolina. Capital, walls still pock marked from artillery fire. d. Textile factories offered low paying jobs. e. Took long time for southern economy to modernize – right around WW II, about 70 yrs. f. Before Civil War – political competition After Reconstruction in 1870’s-1890’s – Dems as most powerful party , but not only party. Repubs don’t disappear, but drop down to 25-30% statewide vote. 1
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In TX blacks have vote (Repub.) until 1890’s. 19 th century, party of South for Republicans, party of black people. Most effective when they formed coalition with another party like the Greenback party, founded outside of South. Founded on idea that way out of economic hard times was to print more paper money. g. No national currency before C.W. h. Greenbacks wanted to increase “fiat” money – it’s money because say it’s money. Way to help farmers. Deflationary period. i. Repubs w/ Greenbacks got over 40% of the vote when got together. j. States that were really repressive to blacks were the ones that had the largest population of African Americans. k. In TX there were “pockets” where black population was greater, but TX
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gov notes - Texas and New Southern Politics Sept. 15th...

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