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Lecture 9/24 Senate Races in the South Chapter 3 and 4 – what happened in senate races between 1961 and 1990 Slow take over by Republicans Today 2-1 republican edge – only one democrat today from deep south – Louisiana Few republicans in 1960s – good number wins in 1980 – for the most part they are one term wonders – really see a turning point in 1994 Successful republicans (kept for more than on term) got their seat because it was open, didn’t oust an incumbent democrat Once conservative democrats leave they are taken over by republicans – not really any conservative democrats left – democrats that are left today are moderate liberal because they run on the black electorate Tennessee had more republicans than other southern state – mountain
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Unformatted text preview: country ♦ During 1980s – democrats establish biracial coalitions (Get elected by white and black) ♦ Helms ♦ Tower – open seat Always had a rough time Offered to give up his seat if they could find someone like shivers from Texas – they couldn’t so he ran again and had a weak opponent so he won Ex-wife calls him a womanizer and other crap, came back to bite him in the butt and got kicked out of his senate committee and then gave up his seat ♦ Thurman –succeeded himself In 1961 won as a write in candidate because democratic party already nominated someone else ♦ Cochran ♦ Warner ♦ Trent Locke ♦ Arkansas = most democratic state in the south...
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