nov 19 - Enelow Nov. 19th and Nov. 24th Lectures 1. First...

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Enelow – Nov. 19 th and Nov. 24 th Lectures 1. First special session of legislature fails because of 2/3rds vote requirement in Senate. 2. HB3 passes July 7 th in House in first special session 3. Now goes over to the Senate a. Dewhurst allowed Blocker Bill to set on top of the calendar, so would require 2/3rds vote to consider it above the other five bills before it. b. All 19 Republicans would be needed to take up the bill (including Bill Ratliff) i. Ratliff had major reservations about redistricting. ii. Senate should’ve approved in same format at House did. iii. But Senate came up with their own version which meant would then have to go to conference committee. iv. Only need simple majority in both houses to pass the bill once it’s back from conference, no amendments could be added. 4. Democratic Senators all sign letter. a. signed on July 14 th by Senate Democrats and Bill Ratliff b. Dewhurst announced that would suspend the 2/3rds rule for the 2 nd special session i. Meant he wouldn’t allow a Blocker Bill to be put on top of calendar. ii.July 23 rd , Senate Jurisprudence Committee, voted out redistricting bill 4-3 iii. Democratic Senators (11), walked out on July 28 th just a few hours before 1 st special session ended. Flew to Albuquerque, NM, for the entire 2 nd special session During this time House passed the same redistricting plan. iv. Dewhurst didn’t send DPS or FBI after these absent senators v. Primary spokesmen for 11 Democrats: Barrientos and then Leticia Van der Putte. vi. Duncan and Staple (Republicans) went to Albuquerque to talk to Democrats. vii. Throughout Aug. Dewhurst tried to talk Democrats into returning. viii. Republicans in Senate tried to fine absent Democrats to punish Fines of $1K/day Loss of parking spaces Put on probation until next regular session (Jan. ’05) ix. Democrats said it couldn’t be done, no quorum Dewhurst found language in constitution that said it could be done. x. Perry made clear he’d call as many special sessions as needed to pass redistricting. xi. Democrats thought that if stayed in Albuquerque through September, it would be too late to pass redistricting due to preclearance requirement by the Justice Dept. prior to the filing deadlines and primary in the spring. xii. Filing deadline was changed and helpful that all officials involved in final say in redistricting, all Republicans. xiii. All 11 Democrats came from districts where minorities comprised 60% or greater of population. 5. Democratic efforts to get Bush involved, unsuccessful. a. President said he wanted Texans to handle this matter. b. Press began to shift towards Republicans i. Wished whole mess would go away 6. 2 nd Special session ended Aug. 26 th 7. Whitmire returned from Albuquerque, stating boycott had to end at some point. a. One of his major clients threatened to move his legal business elsewhere.
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nov 19 - Enelow Nov. 19th and Nov. 24th Lectures 1. First...

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