november 12 and 17 - Enelow Nov. 17th Lecture 1. Charlie...

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Enelow Nov. 17 th Lecture 1. Charlie Stenholm – 17 th District (Abilene) a. Was paired against Randy Neugabauer in new 19 th District. 2. Martin Frost – District (old) 24 th , straddled Tarrant County and Dallas County a. Minority advocacy groups argued that this district protected by VRA. b. Republicans took a chance, created majority minority district somewhere else, 25 th District. c. Plans passed by State House and State Senate would’ve left this district in tact. d. Tom DeLay wouldn’t have any part of that, wanted him gone. e. Any plan not dismantling 24 th district unacceptable to DeLay. f. District looks like a vertical dumb bell, picked up heavily Republican areas. g. Ran in 32 nd District, already represented by Pete Sessions (R), very popular. 3. Ralph Hall – 4 th District (switched to Republican Party) Rockwall 4. Max Sandlin (northeast TX) 1 st District (Marshall) 5. Jim Turner -2 nd District (Crockett) a. Decided not to run after redistricting, would’ve had to run against Joe Bardon 6. Nick Lampson – 9 th District (Beaumont) 7. Chris Bell – 25 th District a. Forced to run in newly created 9 th District. His old district was the 25 th . b. Loses to Al Green c. Black plurality existed in the new 9 th District. d. Could’ve run in 7 th , heavy Republican. 8. Gene Greene – 29 th District a. Republicans had hoped this heavily Hispanic district would elect an Hispanic. b. Termed a non-performing district, since majority minority district represented by an Anglo. c. Republicans had hoped to turn Democratic Party into party of minorities. 9. Chet Edwards - 11 th District (Waco) 10. Lloyd Doggett – 10 th District originally/but after redistricting had to run in 25 th District. a. New Hispanic majority district for Texas.
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november 12 and 17 - Enelow Nov. 17th Lecture 1. Charlie...

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