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October 8 th Lecture I. Glaser book – Table 1.2 Congressional votes in the ‘80s. 1. How did Democrats hang on for so long in the South when southern voters were voting for Republican presidential candidates? 2. 1976 – Jimmy Carter advertises himself as a born-again Christian. a. Southern Democrats hoped he would be conservative on social issues. He wasn’t. 3. He attempted to take away tax exempt status of private schools that had sprung up in the South following desegregation. 4. The South accepted him in 1976 but rejected him n 1980. a. Carter was even challenged by another Democrat 5. Carter reprimanding the public, crisis of the spirit, had only ourselves to blame for gas shortage, high inflation, etc. a. Social liberal b. Economic conservative c. 6. 1984 – Entire South voted for Reagan. d. 7. 1992 – Clinton wins four southern states. South considers him sinful a. Hillary saved him by appearing on 60 Minutes program. B. Why did it take so long for Reagan realignment to trickle down to the Congressional level? 1. 1994 – National trend. a. ’94 results had a lot to do with Bill Clinton. i. Healthcare fiasco ii. Talk about raising taxes iii. Gays in military iv. Draft dodger. a. 2. Congressmen have to “bring home the bacon” or they become the bait. a. President Carter vetoed bills that would have brought federal money to southern states. b. Carter was always being hounded by liberals who were looking for and wanting another Great Society set of programs. c. Jake Pickle (TX) retired after he couldn’t save Bergstrom AFB from closure. d. 3. 1996 – Clinton plays Republicans in Congress as extremists led by Newt Gingrich. a. Republicans shooting off at the mouth due to new power. b. Republicans allowed the federal government to shut down 2x i. Wanted Defense of Marriage Act 2. ii.Welfare Reform v. New cops on the street
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1. Presidential Republicanism a. 1992 election features Ross Perot as third candidate b. Clinton stressed a very slight downturn in the economy. i. Didn’t win majority of southern vote and definitely didn’t win much of the white southern vote. ii. In Arkansas he was referred to as “Slick Willy”. 2. Beginning in 1980’s – Southerners begin to identify themselves as Republicans a. Reagan created a much more attractive image of Republicans. b. Reagan – friendliness i. Televised debate with Carter ii. Reagan turns to Carter (as he’s listing off right wing views of Reagan), and says to Carter, “there you go again”. iii. Reagan’s demeanor convinced people that he wasn’t dangerous. vi. Didn’t look like he desired privatization of Social Security. a. 6. 1996 – Clinton easily wins reelection a. 1998, he’s on the verge of impeachment. b.
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October 8th Lecture - October 8th Lecture I. Glaser book...

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