Test Review - Test Review I Timeline of redistricting...

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Test Review I. Timeline of redistricting – practicing Texas politics table 1 II. Know when major events happened A. Before 2002 dems have majority in Texas house – Pete Laney (Speaker) was in charge and that is why they couldn’t pull off what they were able to pull off in 2003 III. Bill Ratliff A. Wouldn’t defend 2/3 rule B. Wouldn’t support strong GOP redistricting plan C. Dewhurst takes over as Speaker IV.History of redistricting A. Why wasn’t it possible B. Redistricting plan of 1991 by democrats i. Gave GOP 9/30 seats at time when state voting 50% GOP C. General election of 2002 – TRMPAC D. Where DeLay messed up – tried to filter in more money to support candidates and took corporate money (only supposed to be used for administrative purposed) and sent it to the RNC E. Money laundry and conspiracy to launder money – what DeLay is charged with to this day V. Pay less attention to legal side of things A. Dems say that everything GOP did was in violation of voting rights act B. Legislature didn’t redistrict in 2001 so state redistricting done by legislature board and panel VI.DeLay’s political charges A. Not as many questions from 14 and afterwards
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Test Review - Test Review I Timeline of redistricting...

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