Woodard - Chapter 7 I General Info A In all southern states...

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Chapter 7 I. General Info: A. In all southern states, if you can win 3 or 4 urban areas, you will win the state. Democrats combine nearly all the black vote with enough white votes to gain majority, Republicans need 60% of white vote to win election. With the exception of Texas, every southern state has legislative term limits beginning in the 90s. V.O. Key writes in his “The Responsible Electorate” that voters respond to past events and actions rather than what could happen in the future. II. National States A. Georgia : In state elections it breaks down to Atlanta vs. rest of rural Georgia. Atlanta dominates Georgia politics. In the past, the county unit system offset the Atlanta vote but it has since been abolished in 1962. In the county system vote there was at least one seat for all 159 counties. Georgia repeatedly elected Newt Gingrich and became Speaker of the House in 94. Democrat #s are shrinking in this state and incumbent senator Max Cleland was voted out of office. B. Florida : Florida has a huge Hispanic population as well as elderly population. It has a low black population also. The transition to a competitive political environment in Florida is attributed to three things 1) in migration of conservative, middle class people 2) in migration of elderly 3) traditional Dems changing parties. Florida does not have on single dominant metro area that dominates politics. C. Virginia : Virginia has seen a growing increase in the power of D.C. suburbs on state politics. The GOP has dominated the Presidential elections. In 1952, Harry Byrd vowed “Golden Silence” where he did not endorse fellow Democrat for the presidential election, but did not side with the Rep. candidate either. This is seen as a huge statement and blow to Democratic Party in Virginia. D. Texas : For much of Texas’s past it pitted Conservative Dems vs. Liberal Dems. George H.W. Bush started the Republican realignment and a statewide trend to elect Republicans began with the election of John Tower to Senate in 1961. 2/3 of Texans live in counties that voted Republican in every presidential election since ’88. The last statewide office held by a Dem was by Ann Richards. III. Emergent States A. North Carolina : Home to Jesse Helms and John Edwards, two very southern but very different ideologies. There is a he divide in the state between the east and west of the Piedmont mountains. The state has no dominant political outlet/area. It is very competitive at the state level, but votes mostly Republican at the National Level. B. Tennessee : eastern mountain area vs. middle and west Tennessee. Turning point for Republicans come in 1966 with the election of Howard Baker to Senate, and in 1970 with Winfield Dunn elected governor. There’s a
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noticeable swing to the Republican party in the 70s and a growing conservatism in the middle of the state in Nashville that aids Republican Revolution IV. Traditional States A. Alabama
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Woodard - Chapter 7 I General Info A In all southern states...

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