woodard9 - Chapter 9: Leaders and Legislators The south has...

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Chapter 9: Leaders and Legislators I. The south has always had “colorful politicians, with exaggeration and flamboyancy at the heart of their antics. A. Examples: i. Huey Long’s 15 ½ hour filibuster. ii. Ellison “Cotton Ed” Smith and his walk outs on conventions including black speakers. iii. “Kissin” Jim Folsom and his “erotic” Life magazine spread. iv. W. Lee “Pass the biscuits Pappy” O’Daniel and his extravagant campaign. II. As a group, southern governors and legislators were a divers group, but they all shared a history of extravagant showmanship, violent expression, and memorable rhetoric in promoting politics in the south. III. The “localism” of the south made it vulnerable to the appeal of these charismatic, self- promoting leaders. Eccentric candidates could “capture the agrarian populations” who were vulnerable to verbal manipulation. A. This localism (support for the “home town guy”) may explain why such a conservative region produced governors in contrast to these conservative beliefs. B. (Loud, alcohol guzzling buffoons). IV. The original mismanagement southern government was made worse because voters favored those (candidates) who actually made their lives more difficult. V. Loyalty of uneducated, poor populace to a charismatic leader persisted even with looming evidence of corruption. VI. ECCENTRIC BEHAVIOR, PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL, WAS SYNONOMOUS WITH POLITICS IN THE SOUTH A. Often was overlooked was the fact that these governors presided over some of the largest and most important states in the country. B.
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woodard9 - Chapter 9: Leaders and Legislators The south has...

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