woodard11 - Chapter 11 I. Did lifting of racial...

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Chapter 11 I. Did lifting of racial discrimination, movement of new industry to the region, attraction of foreign investment, unprecedented urbanization, and wealth beyond imagination transform the subculture of the South to the point where it’s no longer distinct? A. Predominantly rural and small-town residential South is gone, along with concentration in agriculture and low-level industrial occupations. B. Income per person in South has nearly caught up with rest of nation. C. South as region among most religious in the world. D. Has one of the lowest ratios of voter participation in the country. E. Legacy of economic underachievement has been drowned in ocean of financial prosperity. i. Most distinctive need, historically, was always economic. F. Political culture of South now favors executive leadership and legislative innovation at state level. II. What effects have all of the changes in the South had on the six elements of political culture? A. Geography : Geography of South unchanged, but new demography i. Metropolitan areas flourish while rural areas flounder in poverty. ii. There are high-skilled, white-collar suburban employees opposite poorly educated, low-skilled workers. iii. In South this situation is exacerbated by race.
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woodard11 - Chapter 11 I. Did lifting of racial...

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