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3 lecture - -Socio-economic status is usually lower 911 and...

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9/3/09 MORE LETHAL Shooting attack -3 Remote-control explosive- 7 Cold weapon: 2 Suicide car bomb- 43 Suicide explosive Belt-40 Suicide truck bomb- 109 Suicide boat bomb- 15 Suicide bag bomb- 68 -Is the number of causalities, there main goal isn’t to kill necessarily but to leave a huge mark; WAVES OF RESEARCH ( from Atran article) Individual Society Psychological Socio-Economic Cultural Organizations Coercion Outbidding Interaction Networks Individual- choice is often voluntary, but typically under conditions of group pressure and charismatic leadership Psychological : they have shown to not be of suicidal nature - When the Euro came around, the face of Europe started to change bc it is a liberal area and liberal with the immigration, so you started to see more Muslims etc. moving in; many of the suicide bombers are minorities in … areas
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Unformatted text preview: -Socio-economic status is usually lower, 911 and many others are middle class, and they are not less educated and are not poorer than other people in their society-Suicide bombers are basically weapons or a tactic chosen by organizations that are fighting against democracies and there purpose to remove occupying people, and they do it by putting pressure on the constituents and those constituents put pressure of the leaders to do something-Blooms argument suicide terrorism is being used as a tactic against the minds and hearts against the people, and they use suicide bombers bc . weak about it is the groups she talked about she about were not cohesive-Network: suicide bombers as a network, everything is a chain of networks...
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