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8 lecture - down • Volunteers entered Christian...

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9/8/09 The History of Suicide Terrorism - It hasn’t’ been documented that much but here are some significant documentations The Assassins The Sulu Tribes The Kamikaze The Assassins A sect that was established in the 11 th century by the Nazari state In an attempt to bring down the Sunni rule in the Middle East an elite group of young rural boys was trained and ordered to assassinate prominent officials in the Sunni establishment with a dagger. Assassins did not care about their own survival and took pride in dying with their victims o Historical: they were smoking Hassesh before the attack, and then when they were feeling good it was easier to dispatch them to those attacks The Sulu Tribes Minority Moslem population in the Sulu archipelago in the Philippines. In the 16 th century, after the Spanish invasion, they used suicide tactics against the attempts of the catholic new colonialist rule to convert them.
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Unformatted text preview: down. • Volunteers entered Christian settlements armed with spears, attacking everything they encountered o After the Spanish established colonies they attacked the civilians, and were instructed to kill everyone they saw The Kamikaze (‘Devine Wind’) • Between October 1944 and August 1945 over 3000 Japanese army and navy pilots died attempting to crash their planes into vessels • The Kamikaze also aimed against other targets, but mainly against Allied ships. The Kamikaze were not so effective, just around 5% of the pilots succeeded in sinking the ships o The Japanese culture back then in the US was portrayed as crazy, and now a days it is nothing like that, we had to explain and understand why they did that. This can be seen today with the Arabs in the US, we want to understand and know so we simplify it....
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