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15 lecture - CRISIS CAN LEAD TO COMMITMENT Communal is...

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9/15/09 Individual Motivations The Study of Individual Motivation The first generation of scholars in the field focused on the socio-demographic characteristics and the personality traits of the suicide bombers. Most of these studies came to the conclusion that suicide bombers exhibit no distinct features. o How do you profile a suicide bomber, and what are you looking for, nothing distinct showed up; they were basically normal The Second generation of studies emphasized the role for social networks and the surrounding community in the motivating individuals to perpetrate such attacks. Types of Individual Motivations: Crisis and Commitment Communal Crisis- results from continuous repression of a group to which the individual belongs. Personal crisis- mostly results from pain inflicted by the enemy, it can also be an outcome of social problems Commitment within a social or family network. Commitment within an organizational framework. THESE MOTIVATIONS ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.
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Unformatted text preview: CRISIS CAN LEAD TO COMMITMENT. Communal- is usually the minority group Personal crisis-the offer that of suicide bombing offers redemption, for example a specific group of Palestine women are not equal – if they cheated, can’t bear child etc they are in big trouble and when someone offers this deal with says you will be honored and go to heaven these women take the offer. (99% of suicide bombers are women) Commitment- You don’t necessarily have to go through a crisis, you can just belong; for example a sorority/fraternity- why do you go through the things you go through (e.g. hazing) to belong and commit to the group. When people do these things and then look back at them, they don’t understand why they really did it. There are instance and situations were people do it bc they think it is the right the to do, or they think it is the moral code of their society. –(for example an older brother recruits his younger brother to do suicide bombing)....
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