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10/1/09 Cartoon video, and more about cultural aspects Critique of Cultural Approach - More individualistic a culture more likely to perpetrate suicide attacks Quran prohibits suicide After 9/11 many prominent Muslim religious leaders issued fatwa stating that suicide is not the proper way to pursue jihad Martyrdom is a value in all 3 monotheistic religions Muslim countries have the lowest suicide rates in the world Neither Martyrdom no suicide bombing is exclusive to Islam Cultural Differences do not mean superiority of inferiority countries, states, cities and local communities vary in their cultural traits
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Unformatted text preview: • culture reflects joint history, experiences beliefs, and values • cultures do clash even in a single household • cultures also fuse to create … culture Research Questions • Who is likely to be a terrorist and why? o Chance are slim, that a religious individual will perpetrate terrorism o No evidence of individual pathology & mental disorders o Partial evidence socioeconomic causes and relative deprivation o Partial evidence of cost benefit analysis o Evidence supports socialization within a totalistic framework o Socialization within a primary group (social networks)...
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