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20 - case III Oslo what did they try to achieve A No one...

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Lecture 10/20/09: Bloom’s Outbidding Theory I. Terrorist Organizations as Political Parties A. Most leaders of terrorist organizations are interested in holding on to their political power once the conflict ends B. Many terrorist organizations shift to party politics. As a result, there is a need to mobilize constituencies C. Among communities which support suicide attacks such operations can become a strong tool for mobilization II. Bloom’s theory is only applicable to one case study A. In her book she can’t use her theory for any other cases but the Palestinian
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Unformatted text preview: case III. Oslo, what did they try to achieve? A. No one lived up to the agreements IV.Palestine terrorist organizations also political parties – during 2 nd intifada they are trying to get the people to support them A. Get support by employing terrorist attacks so they keep doing it B. Fata didn’t used to do terrorist attacks, it was against their policy – when the people start to support attacks then the PLO starts employing attacks to get support...
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