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Lecture 11/3/09 I. The Culture of Death A. In what seems to be a hopeless situation, terrorist groups market suicide bombing as the only hope for attaining victory B. The suicide bombers are heroes who sacrifice their lives to bring the community a better future C. They do not commit suicide but rather acts of sacrifice D. The marketing is active, using the mass media and Internet E. Pictures of the heroes are plastered over the walls of public buildings and quasi-military parades are held to honor martyrs with powerful effects on the disadvantaged community II. Community Repression – A Comparison A. More suicide attacks among communities that suffer from economic inequalities, cultural restrictions, and political discriminations B. Although other communities had inequalities they don’t go to measures of
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Unformatted text preview: suicide bombing even if they use violence C. Think about individuals in context of the group III. Two Main Questions A. Is the 4 th wave of terrorism different from previous waves? B. What are the main features of the 4 th wave? IV.The Four Waves of Terrorism A. 1 st Wave: 1880-1914 i. Highly concentrated in Europe ii. Carried out by anarchies that wanted a new world order B. 2 nd Wave: 1920-1970 i. Demise of European imperialistic forces that led to creation of new nation states C. 3 rd Wave: 1960-1979 i. Communism ii. Unique from second wave – not as violent or as long; for first time when world is divided you can see collaboration iii. The Left Wing Wave D. 4 th Wave: 1979-E. Manifestations of previous waves in present waves...
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