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12 - war – the target clear policy of no weapons so...

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Lecture 11/12/09 I. Fort Hood A. Don’t know enough about his personal life and his ties to the community B. Went to Mosque with two of the hijackers from 9/11 C. Parts of Sageman’s theory – didn’t radicalize within a close-knit community D. Acted alone i. Impossible to intercept interactions when it is one person working by themselves ii. E. Did he do attack because of his own personal feelings about being pissed off about going to war or did he get orders from the Imam in Yemen (Hoffman’s theory)? F. Soldiers feel unsafe at home – what terrorists are trying to achieve G. There was some more aspects than just his depression and feelings about the
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Unformatted text preview: war – the target, clear policy of no weapons so soldiers couldn’t take him down immediately i. Comes down to being a politically motivated attack ii. Both Sageman and Hoffman would say that this attack supports their theory a. Sageman – this is what happens when people feel isolated from the community; he was being isolated from other soldiers because he is Muslim H. Even if there were warning signs, people will ignore them out of necessity – because he was a professional he got bad evaluations – the armed forces are stretched in the case of human resources so they take what they can get...
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