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19 - B In the beginning leaders don’t really know what...

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Lecture 11/19/09: Counterterrorism Offensive and Defensive Models I. Not engaged in war on terror – trying to protect Pakistan from falling into hands of the Taliban and becoming theocracy A. Cold War terms – domino effect II. Most of works on counterterrorism are focused on moral aspects A. Gitmo – closing it down, not a constitutional issue, issue of morals within the US III. In the eye of the beholder A. Effectiveness should be tested against the stated goals of the policy makers
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Unformatted text preview: B. In the beginning leaders don’t really know what they want – they are rushed into decisions, they just want to get rid of terrorism IV.Counterterrorism models – an update A. Defensive i. If we want to feel safe, we need to see more law enforcement B. Short-term agreements C. War i. Not really effective in stopping terrorism but effective in boosting morale...
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