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notes Suicide terrorism - 8/27/09 Suicide Terrorism Notes...

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8/27/09 Suicide Terrorism Notes The problem of definition: The term suicide is applied to all cases of death resulting directly or indirectly from a positive or negative act of the victim himself, which he knows will produce this result (Durkheim) Suicide Attack: Is it really suicide? Most individuals who commit suicide do it to harm themselves and not others. -Suicide those people don’t want to die, it is secondary to dying, they just want to kill others, and those people are not suicidal Suicide attack: Is it really terrorism? Such attacks are being pretreated by soldier’s guerrilla fighters as well as by terrorists, against a variety of targets, not only against civilians. - Those people are inferior (meaning they don’t have very good equipment, and they don’t have navy and etc) but we might have smart bombs that can target people, they have people who strap on bombs; we have to remember that small groups are trying to innovate, there point is to not just kill but to have also a aftermath of a psychological effect Attacks against military targets: In many cases suicide attacks are armed at Cambents. All suicide attacks perpetrated by Hezbollah in Lebanon (1982-1986) were armed at military forces. More that 50% of LITE suicide attacks were lkjlj against military police forces. More than 60% of the 390 suicide attacks that occurred in Iraq between 2003-2006 were aimed as military and police force -The word terrorism came from the Russians but over time it has changed over time, terrorist attacks are attacks done by substrate actors; suicide bombing is a cheap and effective tactic Attacks against civilians In other cases the aim is to terrorize civilians. Almost 70% of suicide attacks perpetrated by Palestinian groups against Israelis were aimed at civilian targets. More than 60% of suicide attacks perpetrated by Chechen rebels were aimed at civilians. So what is suicide bombing? Suicide bombing aims at destroying a specific target. However, in most cases the real intentions is to create an atmosphere of terror, which will be translated into political gains. The principal difference between suicide bombing and other types of is embedded in a tactical perspective. The terrorist’s death by means of the s of the detonation of an explosive charge is an integral part of the execution of the operation and constitutes an essential condition of it s success. 9/1/09 Overview and Introduction Groups: Palestine Groups: o Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) o HAMAS o Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade Hezbollah Al-Qaeda 1
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Tamil Tigers (LTTE) Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) – not Islamic Arab-Israeli Conflict Many European Jews immigrated into the British mandate of Palestine (Palestine and Transjordan). This snowballed into a war because of the conflicts.
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notes Suicide terrorism - 8/27/09 Suicide Terrorism Notes...

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