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Overview and Introduction - Overview and Introduction I....

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Overview and Introduction I. Map on first quiz II. Groups we will be focusing on – will be on quiz – who they are, what they do, how they operate, differences between them A. Palestinian groups i. Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) ii. HAMAS iii. Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade B. Hezbollah C. Al-Qaeda D. Tamil Tigers (LTTE) E. Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) III. Palestinian-Israeli Conflict A. Defeat of Ottoman empire after WW I – League of Nations split Ottoman Empire between French and British B. In 1920s and 30s with anti-Semitism in Europe and idea of Zionism i. More Jews go to this area ii. British try and stop this because afraid of conflict between Jews and Arabs C. After WW II – more immigration i. Organize themselves politically and economically ii. More skirmishes between Arabs and Jews D. In 1948 British says they are out of there i. Jewish leadership declared the state of Israel ii. Low scale conflicts escalate into multi-front war E. When war declared many Arabs fled into Gaza i. Arabs that stayed known as Arab-Israelis F. The 1967 War – the 6 day War i. Israel defeated armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan in 6 days ii. Change geo-political landscape iii. Palestinians realize they can’t rely on Arab states to get their land back – they have to do it on their own a. Palestinian Liberation Organization – eventually led by Yasar Arafat Fatah = big part Basically in Jordan and prompted Israeli to attack Jordan PLO and Jordan get in fight and Jordan forces PLO out in Black September – in 1970 PLO goes to Lebanon – Lebanese government is weak G. PLO makes a state within a state in Lebanon – FATA Nation i. PLO attacks in Israel and Israel goes into Lebanon a. In 1978 and in 1982 – in 1982 the purpose is to get the PLO out of Lebanon During this time Lebanon in the middle of a civil war – army
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Overview and Introduction - Overview and Introduction I....

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