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Reading Question #3 - This is because when everyone in a...

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GOV 365N – Suicide Terrorism November 3 , 2009 Reading Question #3 I find that the leaderless characterization of the terrorist threat to the U .S. and its allies is much more convincing than the leader -led threat. The leaderless threat emphasizes the role of networks in an individual’s decision to become involved in terrorist threats . I find this more convincing because it is those close networks that will influence an individual , not some leader that they do not know . When someone that is close to you tells you to get involved in an activity and all of the great things that will happen once you complete this action , I find it much more probable that that will make an individual get involved in the activity . In Islamic societies the community is very important to individuals and their families . This close -knit community makes it much easier for members in a terrorist organization to recruit other members
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Unformatted text preview: . This is because when everyone in a community trusts and respects each other , they will believe that everyone has each other’s best interests in mind. Therefore , when someone in their community comes up to them and tells them about this organization that they belong and tell the individual that they should join as well and perpetrate a suicide attack , the individual will believe that the person in their community is telling them about the organization to help that individual and not only using the individual as a weapon . In many attacks , those that perpetrate the attack do not even know who the main actors of the organization are . This is a huge threat to the U .S. because if participants do not even know who the main actors are of the organization are , it is much harder for an outside source, like the U .S., to figure out who these people are and stop the organization....
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Reading Question #3 - This is because when everyone in a...

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