Sageman 2008 - Response Does Osama Still Call the Shots?...

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Unformatted text preview: Response Does Osama Still Call the Shots? Debating al Qaedas Containment and Grass-roots Jihad is that the threat from this core group is still substantial and would grow if we relax our vigilance. I wrote, Al Qaeda Central is of course not dead, but it is still contained operationally...The surviv- ing leaders of al Qaeda are undoubtedly still plotting to do harm to various coun- tries in the world and have the expertise to do so, but they are hampered by the global security measures that have been put in place. And one of my recommen- dations is that, The core group of people who comprise al Qaeda Centralthose who have blood on their hands or are plotting against the United Statesmust be eliminated or captured and tried for their crime. Homan portrays Leaderless Jihad as a simple-minded polemic and ignores the subtleties of its arguments. In the process, he neglects its main point, namely that the threat from al Qaeda and its progeny has evolved over time. The process of radicalization is still going on, but now proceeds in a hostile, post-9/11, wired environment, resulting in a social structure of disconnected groups. The core of the book centers on my descrip- tion of the four-prong process of radical- The Reality of Grass- Roots Terrorism marc sageman I am compelled to respond to Bruce Homans Review Essay (The Myth of Grass-Roots Terrorism May/June 2008), in which he substantially misrep- resents my new book,...
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Sageman 2008 - Response Does Osama Still Call the Shots?...

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